Every organization, large and small, has security challenges they need to mitigate.  There are people, assets and a business to protect and almost every organization has to adequately provide the protections within a budget.  LMS is here to understand your organization and work with you to implement the best security management program within your budget.  For most organizations Pretty Good Security (PGS℠) is that adequate protection.  We will work with you to elevate your security program to PGS℠.

Security Programs

Security programs are as diverse as the individuals who create and run them.  The sweet spot of the security program is how valuable the program is to the organization’s ownership, Board and Executive Leadership, but more importantly, how safe and secure its employees feel.  LMS can work with you to develop your new security program, enhance one that has been around for 200 years or redevelop one that requires modernization.

Security Policy

Some organizations have virtually no policies while others are policy heavy.  In both cases, policies are extremely important because they provide written instruction for all stakeholders about the security culture of the organization.  They are certainly legal documents, but done properly provide the day-by-day instruction and guidance so each stakeholder understands his, her and the organization’s security responsibilities and accountability.

Facility Security Design

Facility Security Design services are intended to provide PGS℠ at as low of operating cost as possible.  Site security is likely the number one security operating cost for your organization. In an environment of increasing labor costs and decreasing availability of qualified staff, it is essential organizations contemplate their facility security needs and how they can best mitigate the risks to their people, assets and business for the least amount of money. LMS can help you define and implement your goals to provide PGS℠ and provide an excellent return on investment.

Security Workshops

Security Workshops are an essential aspect of a robust security program.  These workshops can be leadership/strategy development, training and/or specific problem-solving focused or anything in between.  Our experience in presenting, facilitating and training is vast and all services in this suite are intended to derive as much value as possible from the time together.


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