Business Resilience Services Suite

Business Resiliency strives to have a strong business in the face of threats such as emergencies, disasters, disruptions or social media crises, to name a few.  Most organizations are not adequately prepared to effectively deal with such threats when they occur because traditional thought was it is too hard and requires too much time and effort.  At LMS, we believe every organization can develop simple, effective plans to ensure it not only survives a crisis but thrives afterwards.  A strong Business Resiliency program is a competitive advantage.

Emergency Response Plan

Often the first step in the Business Resiliency program, LMS can help your organization develop, write and review its Emergency Response Plans and provide guidance and advice on how they can best be implemented, communicated and exercised.

Crisis Management

What happens when Crisis strikes?  Unless there is a tested, structured and disciplined Crisis Management process, we usually panic.  When we panic, we make poor decisions.  Poor decision making in the face of a Crisis can lead to a failed organization.  At LMS, we never want to see an organization fail because of a crisis.  A simple, repeatable Crisis Management process is not difficult to develop or implement and if used often it becomes part of the organization’s culture making the organization highly resilient to Crises.

Business Continuity

After the Crisis strikes, now what?  Even if organizations have strong Emergency Response and Crisis Management plans, they often do not have Business Continuity plans or have done much planning around it.  The goal of Business Continuity is to get the business up and running as quickly as possible after the Crisis.  LMS has developed a simple approach to helping organizations prioritize their business and determine what steps need to be taken first, second and third to get their business moving again.  Your employees, customers and shareholders are counting on it.


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