Bill Niemuth's Career Highlights

Bill Niemuth
Loss Mitigation Solutions, LLC.
Career Highlights

For nearly 40 years, Bill has been a workhorse with a high success rate of accomplishments.  With Associate Degrees in Police Science and Security and Loss Prevention, Bachelor Degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and International Economics and Master of Science Degree in Management and Organizational Behavior, Bill’s career has been about life-long learning in the class room and in the field for the benefit of his clients.

Having traveled and worked in 65 countries, Bill’s global experience is vast and expansive.  In each position he has excelled and always put his client first.  Putting his clients first requires listening to their challenges and objectives and customizing solutions for them. One-size solutions sound good, but they often fail because everyone needs unique solutions.

Starting his career working strike duty as a security officer, Bill quickly moved into other areas and for over 34 years protected Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s people, assets and business retiring as Director of Global Security.  During his 34 years with Kimberly-Clark, Bill worked in, developed or led every aspect of the security program and was a leader in redeveloping the company’s Crisis Management and Business Continuity programs.  With a business focus on running effective programs, Bill’s disciplined cost-effective approach allowed K-C to save tens of millions of dollars a year not only in its security program, but also its Corporate Aviation program.  During the last 18 months of Bill’s K-C career, he led a multi-disciplined global project team completely restructuring how security services were delivered at Kimberly-Clark reducing annual operating costs by nearly 30 percent.

During much of his professional career, Bill volunteered his time as a Ham Radio operator active in Emergency Services. Over the span of 20 years Bill created and ran two 501 (C)(3) organizations, which built and maintained communications infrastructure. In addition, for five years he led 1400 Amateur Radio Emergency Service volunteers and coordinated the largest Amateur Radio emergency response in Wisconsin’s history, helping communities deal with the record flooding of 2008.  Bill supported Emergency Management through FEMA as well as the National Weather Service. Bill is a believer in the Incident Command System because it works, and he has completed many FEMA and NIMS training programs.

Bill brings his experience to each client, but his true value is in listening and learning and then implementing a customized solution that improves the client’s organization.

Bill looks forward to learning about your challenges and implementing cost effective solutions that work for you and improve your organization.

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Security Officer for defense contractor and strike duty experienced

Graduated from Fox Valley Technical Institute with Associate of Science Degrees in Police Science and Security and Loss Prevention

Store Detective with fraud focus

Kimberly-Clark Career Spanned from 1984 to 2019

Security Officer – started in the second lowest position at K-C

Security Officer – KC

  • Developed three Corporate Safety programs still active today
  • Department administrative and technical specialist

Graduated from Lakeland College with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and International Economics

Attained US Federal Communications Commission Ham Radio license KB9ENO attaining the highest license class (Extra)

Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Founder, President and Director – EC Resources, Ltd. 501(C)(3) organization

Moved to Corporate Security as a Security Associate – KC

  • New position conducting background investigations of each new employee
  • Began conducting investigations mainly around theft and Code of Conduct cases

ASIS International membership

Vice Chair – Wisconsin Association of Repeaters

Emergency Coordinator – Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Member – Outagamie County Disaster Management Advisory Group

Physical Security Manager – KC

  • Developed the North American Physical Security Program – integrated 27 different security systems to five
  • Conducted IT investigations and those requiring technical support
  • Developed web sites
  • Developed and led the Security Coordinator program

Graduated from Silver Lake College with Master of Science Degree in Management and Organizational Behavior

Global Senior Manager, Physical and Technical Security - KC

  • Developed and led the company’s Global Physical and Technical Security Program
  • Created and built a global security system containing more than 40,000 cardholders used on six continents
  • Conducted investigations, including major fraud cases
  • Specialized in IT forensic investigations
  • Focus on Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Latin America
  • Globalized the Security Coordinator program

Graduated from the Kellogg School of Business, Northwest University Executive Training Program

Graduated from the National Incident Management System (NIMS) executive level certifications

District Emergency Coordinator – Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Advisory Board Member – Net Focus North America

Chairperson – Fox Valley Technical College Security and Loss Prevention Advisory Board

Section Emergency Coordinator – Wisconsin Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Chief Radio Officer – Wisconsin Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service

Founder, President and Director – WeComm, Ltd. 501(C)(3) organization

Director of Global Security and Corporate Air Transportation

  • Led Corporate Aviation program reducing annual operating costs by $8MM and attained IS-BAO accreditation
  • Finance leader for Global Security and Corporate Aviation
  • Conducted many Crisis Management leadership training sessions

Director of Global Security

  • Led and oversaw all security operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Led major fraud investigations in Africa, the Middle East and Russia, including far east Russia and Turkey
  • Key contributor of business build-out in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Central Africa
  • Senior leader risk advisor
  • Developed K-C’s Business Continuity Program
  • Led many vital critical Crisis Management teams
  • Primary Crisis Management and Business Continuity leadership trainer
  • Planned, provided and oversaw executive and close protection in some of the world’s riskiest places

Assistant Section Manager – American Radio Relay League

Director of Global Security

  • Project Management Office Leader for Global Security Restructuring
  • Reduced annual security operating costs by nearly 30 percent
  • Led the successful security services transition of over 80 sites around the world to a single provider
  • Global Security resource for Asia/Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Reinvented the security program
  • Redesigned site security at over 100 global sites

Principal and President – Loss Mitigation Solutions, LLC

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